Saturday, June 19, 2010

SIPA ( Solo International Performing Arts )

Solo or Surakarta is One of Cultural city that has many cultural aspects, From historical place till cultural art it still make amazed us. Every year,
the city has a schedule of performances fixed in arts and culture, and the interest perform is SIPA (Solo International Performing Arts ).

SIPA or Solo International Performing Arts is an international event with the material performance of the performing arts.
While the performing arts is the art genres ranging from dance, theater and music to art or not closing the possibility of widening it to other art areas.

SIPA will be held at Pamedan Mangkunegaran on July 16 to 18, 2010.
For three days, every night will be presented no less five repertoires of various art performances with the performers come from within and abroad.

SIPA is a face of the union bureaucracy to the community
At the first the government of Municipalities ( or local Government) or the department of Culture and Tourism ( Disbudpar) Surakarta, who want to continue to maintain the image of Solo as city of Cultural..
. When the desire is then empowered to society, from the concept of SIPA Therefore, the SIPA with splendor Candrakirana Community Art Center.

So, i hope this Perform better than SIPA 2009,,, and let support SIPA 2010 Show...
For other Show in Solo City please come to


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