Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dewi Persik New Sensation with her Hot Poses

Who does not know Dewi Persik, dangdut singer who often create a sensation with his behavior. As we all know that not long ago proclaimed Dewi persik in a fight with another artist from July Perez in filming time. Now, Infotainment is surprised with the advent of photo Dewi Persik who can say semi-nude. In the photo looks Dewi persik deliberately pose for a picture taken, Dewi Persik was seen  naked, which just  her hair covering her breasts.

Dewi Persik responded by relaxing the circulation of the photo, she admitted the photos made for his personal collection and he loves to pose sexy.

She claims that the photo is old, and the photos taken during filming in locations like RCM ( Republik Cinta Management).

yup, Dewi Persik does have a sexy body, but more appropriate if the body section is not to be show for Public.....


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