Sunday, September 5, 2010


Today,market competitions of motor vehicles in Indonesia grew rapidly. Every bikes factory produce a newest variant of motorcycle. I hear HONDA, one of company that mastery motorcycle product in Indonesia will launch a new variant or product. its called HONDA NEW MEGA PRO 2010, of course its the next Variant of Honda Mega pro product before, but it completely different with the latest models. Honda New Mega Pro 2010 has more attractive and sporty models, remember that all Mega Pro variants before had an usual models, but Honda New Mega Pro 2010 has a model like what teenagers wants.

Honda New Mega Pro 2010 has a Mono shock systems and double disc brakes, full different body models with all Mega Pro variants before, it has 150 cc of machine capacity. dynamic indicator panels and sporty head lamp.

If you want to know more about Honda new Mega Pro 2010, you can visit nearest authorized Honda dealer. Keep Safety Riders.....


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