Saturday, September 4, 2010


SIMBADDA is one of famous product in our country, we can meet this product in every computer store with various kinds of products. Products include computer casing, the Power Supply Unit, Active Speaker for Computer, MP3 Players and MP4 Players. SIMBADDA is produced by PT. BHAKTI RAYA SENTOSA Indonesia as an Authorized reseller.

we will focus on Computer casing first,,SIMBADDA can be said mastered the market, many types or models for Computer casing like SIM-x, SIM-V, etc... SIMBADDA have a very good quality, in terms of durability and comfortably. and there are many options for models and colors.

and second let's see what SIMBADDA has for Keyboard and mouse products. well.... i think those have same quality with other SIMBADDA product, durability and comfortably with simply models.


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