Saturday, November 27, 2010

B.I.P New Album 2010

After less than a vacuum for 7 years, the Group's top BIP Band will finally release their album, they carried the color of the legend of Benjamin S's music as inspiration. As we all know that the BIP is a fraction of the top band Slank, and the type of music they are not much different. According Bongky, enthusiasm and support of fans who set fire to the soul BIP to release a new album.
Hit The Rainbow and the Sun is the hit single BIP for his new album, according to Pay, his new album contains six songs. Cultivation process that album also includes fast. All personnel only takes six days for work on songs and music mengulik. "Now we just need finishing, such as making an album cover and duplication," said Pay.

So we wait for the action of the BIP musicians to Coloring  Indonesia Music.


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