Monday, December 20, 2010

AFF CUP 2010 Final, Indonesia VS Malaysia...............

Indonesian national team made it to the AFF Cup final 2nd leg semi-final after defeating the Philippines with a score of 1-0 at Bung Karno Main Stadium. Back striker Cristian 'El Loco' Gonzalez is a hero to the Garuda team through its sole goal in minute 44. Goals that also makes El Loco as the top score while the tournament with three goals.

AFF Cup final in 2010 to bring Indonesia and Malaysia. Both entered the final after successfully conquering his opponents in the semifinals, Indonesia the Philippines and Malaysia beat defending champion conquer Vietnam. Previously, Indonesia and Malaysia are in the same group in the group stage Group A, where Indonesia won the group while Malaysia finished runner-up. The position was made Indonesia had to fight the Philippines as a runner-up in Group B and Malaysia have to fight the Vietnamese as the Winner of Group B.

In the preliminary round group A, Indonesia successfully hits Malaysia with a score a landslide that is 5-1. The win makes the spirit of Indonesian national team would be above Malaysia. However, the Indonesian national team must be more vigilant, the article charts the game Malaysia continues to increase, as evidenced by being able to beat the defending champions Vietnam in the semifinals.

For the record, AFF Cup 2010 is the final fourth followed by Indonesia during the AFF Cup (formerly Tiger Cup), from three previous finals (2000, 2002, 2004) Indonesia has always been lost and only came out as runner-up, and at AFF Cup 2010 is seeing the perform of Firman Utina and his friends, this is time for Garuda Force be number 1 or winner. 

go ahead INDONESIA !!!!!  


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