Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nissan March,,, More Aggressive......

PT Nissan Motor Indonesia will be more aggressive in extending its homeland in the automotive market. This is evidenced by a new model that will soon be marketed, the Nissan March.

That in the global market hatchback known as the Nissan MICRA is planned to be introduced to the market later this year, with production about to begin in November.

"March is the perfect vehicle for Indonesia, lightweight, and has a modern design, with fuel-efficient, "said President. Director of PT Nissan Motor Indonesia, Takayuki Kimura, at the Four Seasons Hotel.

Jakarta, Tuesday (06/29/2010) Earlier, Thailand's first goto the March quota, with a choice of two versions of the standard five-speed manual that dibanderol worth USD 106 million, as well as a luxury version with an automatic CVT transmission USD 155 million.

Nissan March has smaller dimensions than Livina, a capacity compact 1.2-liter engine, 3 cylinder DOHC, which is claimed as a machine that had carried the eco-car.

Unfortunately, Nissan would not divulge specifications and price range will negoitable for the Indonesian market, took place months before the mat IIMS front

March Specifications

Engine capacity 1198 cc

Power 58 kW maximum

Maximum torque 106 Nm

Long 3780 mm

Width 1665


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