Tuesday, March 29, 2011

caterpillars Rain Phenomenon .........

On Saturday yesterday, 26 March 2011, citizens in ten villages in the district of Probolinggo Lece more dwell in the house for fear of attacks caterpillars. They do not want to take the risk of disease because of itchy caterpillars

Phenomenon of caterpillar is quite disturbing residents. They were forced to smear their home pages with oil and cut down trees around the house to avoid entry into the home caterpillars. If people are out of the house, they have to use an umbrella to prevent the fall of caterpillars.

Meanwhile, in anticipation of a caterpillar pests, this afternoon, anti-pest control officers tried to conduct spraying to eradicate the millions of anti-pest caterpillars that come in several districts in Probolinggo, East Java. 
Some people might consider the phenomenon of rain in Probolinggo caterpillars as mystical events associated with trials, punishment, assault alien creatures from another planet, and so forth. But most people would probably also believes if this is just a normal natural phenomenon and can occur anywhere close to the location or environment that is breeding caterpillars. But maybe something like this is not so surprising when earlier in many other areas have occurred where blood rain red rain, there was also rain fish. Perhaps the scientist who can explain the cycle of events like this. but this will still be very interesting.


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