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Muammar Gaddafi Biography

Muammar Gaddafi / Moammar Gadhafi (Muammar Abu Minyar al-Qaddafi)
Full Name:
Muammar Gadhafi Bin Abdul Salam bin Hamed bin Mohammed al-Gadhafi aka Abu Meniar
Date of Birth: Surt, Tripolitania, June 7, 1942
Age: 69
Position: President of Libya since 1969
Wife: safiyya Farkash El-Barassi.
Muammar Ghaddafi has 8 children, seven boys and one is female. among them: Al-Saadi Gaddafi, Aisha Gaddafi, Eng. Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi
Religion : Moslem
Muammar Gadhafi is the son of Mohammed Abdul Salam son of Hamed son of Mohammed al-Gadhafi aka Abu Meniar and his mother was Aisha Al-Gadhafi.  Gaddafi is the son of the couple who has a big name in the history of Islam.
Muammar Gaddafi was born on June 7, 1942 in the middle of the desert in a Bedouin tent 20 kilometers south of the town of Sirte.
Bedouin tribes are Arab descendants of the original population of Brazilians and their lives are always moving from one region to another in the desert.
Muammar Gaddafi was the youngest of 3 brothers, 2 men and 1 woman. Muammar Gaddafi and his brothers were born in a tent. Muammar born as the youngest.
According to information Muammar gadhafi Grandfather murdered Italian colonial army and his father had been imprisoned by the colonists. Muammar Gaddafi’s childhood passed with sad stories of occupation under pressure
Libyan President (Muammar Gaddafi)
Position as president of Libya, Muammar Gadhafi is not an official position, but he bears the “Guide of the First of September Great Revolution of the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya” or “Brotherly Leader and Guide of the Revolution”.
Gaddafi was the youngest child from a poor family Badawi (Bedouin) the nomadic desert areas in the Sirte. His mother was a Jew who were converting to Islam since the age of 9 years. This technically makes Gaddafi was Jewish according to Judaism. He was given a traditional elementary school education who are religious and then in high school Sebha in Fezzan from 1956 to 1961. Gaddafi and a small group of his friends who he met at this school then formed the major leadership of a militant revolutionary group that later took power the Libyan state.
Inspiration for Gaddafi was Gamal Abdul Nasser, a popular statesman in Egypt, who ascended to the throne of the presidency by asking for Arab unity. In 1961, Gaddafi expelled from Sebha for his political activities.
He later studied at the University of Libya, where he graduated with excellent value. He then joined the Military Academy in Benghazi in 1963, where he and several colleagues formed a militant secret society that aims to drop the Libyan monarchy.
After graduating in 1965, he was sent to Britain for further training, and again in 1966 as an officer in the Signal Corps.
Gaddafi has eight children, 7 men and 1 woman. The oldest child, Mohammed Gaddafi is chairman of the Libyan Olympic Committee. The second oldest son Al-Saadi Gaddafi, the Libyan Football Federation chairman, playing in the Serie A team, Perugia, and also play movies. (Wikipedia)
The only daughter, Ayesha Gaddafi, is a lawyer who has joined Saddam Hussein’s legal team, at that time
Parents Muammar Gaddafi came from the tribe Qadaffa. Muammar Gaddafi completing primary and secondary education in Islamic schools, in 1965 passed the officer, then continued his education at the British military.
Muammar Gaddafi is strongly influenced by the ideas Gammal Abdul Nasser at once become an idol in his political struggle, especially on Arab nationalism, socialism and Pan-Islamism. Many authors mention Muammar Gaddafi very uphold the values of morality and equality high.
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya leader names have been written in various alphabet and is the largest in the world. But there was never any complaint from the Brother Leader Jamahiriya for the name was written in the good sense, not as harassment.
An article published by the “London Evening Standard” in 2004 says there are 37 total list of spelling names. As for “The Straight Dope” citing that there are 32 spelling in U.S. Library of Congress. “Muammar Gaddafi” is the spelling used by the BBC News, some British press and the English service of Al-Jazeera.
The Associated Press, CNN, and Fox News use the name “Moammar Gadhafi.” The Edinburgh Middle East Report uses “Mu’ammar Qaddafi” and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the United States using the “Muammar Al-Qadhafi.” Newsweek magazine wrote “Muammar al-Kaddafi”. The Xinhua News Agency used the name “Muammar Gaddafi” in the English reports.
In 1986, Libyan leader replied to a letter from a school student in Minnesota, United States, in the English with the spelling “Moammar El-Gadhafi.” This was not a spelling of a name that has been inaugurated, for the title listed in algathafi.org homepage reads “Welcome to the official website of Muammar Al-Gathafi”.
Friends of Colonel Gadhafi himself, leader of the Nation of Islam in the United States, Minister Louis Farrakhan in every article in “The Final Call Newspaper”. Writing under the name “Muammar Al-Gadhafi.”
Muammar Al-Gadhafi Children always include “Al-Gaddafi” behind his name in the official pages of both the mass media as well as Facebook and others.

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