Sunday, March 27, 2011

pasha " Ungu band"second marriage..... Pasha and Adelia looks like the Happiest couple.....

Now on the verge of the door. The event ceremony will be held on Sunday, March 27, 2011 at 08.00 am on Batununggal Graha Indah, Jl Batununggal Indah IX No. 2, Bandung. Events pasha and Adelia ceremony will be held in the morning that will be directly followed by a reception that starts at 11.00 pm

Pasha future wife, whose name was complete Adeline Wilhelmina asks for money worth 99 Euros as her dowry. Figures 99 and Euro currencies proved to have a special meaning for Adel. Figures for 99 according to him is a symbol of Asmaul Husna are good names of Allah, while the euro currency candidate wife Pasha deliberately chosen to commemorate when Garuda Indonesia is allowed to fly back to Europe ,where when it happened to Adel become one of the crew cabin .
 After the ceremony, Pasha and Adelia held a wedding party. Reception is performed in the same place. Non-party dominated by the color purple.
The bride and groom cut the wedding cake purple. Then, the Pasha took his wife to the front of the altar. Then, they sang a duet "Penghujung Cinta '. During the singing, Pasha's hand clutching the hand of his wife.

This is the second marriage for Pasha. Previously, he married Okie Agustina. Marriage is not running smoothly. They decided to divorce. From his marriage with Okie, Pasha has three children.


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