Saturday, April 2, 2011

,New solutions to traffic discipline of Jakarta .....


for the citizens of Jakarta, from now on can no longer drive traffic violation, as have now been enacted electronic ticket system.

Directorate of Traffic Jakarta Police will impose an Electronic Traffic Law Enforcement (E-TLE) aka Tilang Electronic Systems began in April.

To support the implementation of an electronic ticket, the police have put a sensor in the vicinity of the red light. These sensors will issue a green light in harmony with white markings under red light. If there are motorists who violate the markers then the tool will automatically record and send images to the Traffic Management Center (TMC).

Furthermore, a ticket will be printed and mailed to vehicle owners by mail. Case differences in the name of the owner of vehicle registration and drivers who violate traffic signs have been anticipated. Police have set up a special form to request an explanation from the owner of the vehicle.

According to Deputy Director of the Jakarta Police Traffic, Adjunct Commissioner of Police Tomex Kurniawan, it will conduct trials of equipment to maximize work tool.

Tomex sure, will be installing CCTV at every intersection locations are fitted with sensors. But he's not sure when the prosecution will begin  


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