Saturday, September 4, 2010

QWERTY ........... around Us

QWERTY.......... as we know that its au usual ordinary keyboard mark, anybrand of the keyboard product but it still be called as QWERTY keyboard. why it must be called QWERTY???

ehmmm....... just focus on left corner on your keyboard and you will find the reason about that question,,,, yess!!! there are sequence of letters Q.W.E.R.T.Y = QWERTY ...wakakakak

i won't talk about history about QWERTY,,, because actually i dont know hehehe,,, but, we know that QWERTY is not only use or applied in Computer keyboard but also for other devices. for examples are NETBOOK, calculator tool, smartphone, hand watch, and now it was applied for handphone.

I think this is too cumbersome for me while use mobile phones with QWERTY keypad, there are too many buttons and make it not simple anymore. but, everyone have a different views about the function of QWERTY keypad on mobile phone.

but, I imagine if it was never we can not enjoy the technology of QWERTY in every devices around us.

So........ thanks for simple word " QWERTY".....


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