Sunday, March 13, 2011

Indosat Awards 2011

Awards for musical beings Indonesia, Indosat Awards 2011 for the first time held. Many surprises that happen in the event an award that was held at the Ritz Carlton, SCBD, South Jakarta, Thursday (03/10/2011) night.
There are 18 categories being contested general Indonesian musicians. In addition, in the event were also given four special awards for musicians who are considered a major contribution to country music. Here it is the winner
Popular Male Pop Artist - Afgan Syah Reza

Most Popular Female Pop Artist - Astrid Sartiasari

Hottest Pop Group - Ungu

Hot Pop Songs - Percaya Padaku - Ungu

Artist / Pop Melayu Most Popular - ST12

Popular Malay Pop Song - Empat Mata - D'Bagindas

Hottest Rock Pop Group - Kotak band

Most Popular Pop Rock Song - Pelan- pelan saja - Kotak Band

Most Popular Rock Group - Andra & The Backbone

Popular Rock Songs-Sang Pemimpi - Gigi

Artist / Group Jazz Pop Popular - Tompi

Hot Jazz Pop Songs -Aku jatuh Cinta - Tompi

Artist / Group R & B / Rap / Most Popular Dance - Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black

Song R & B / Rap / Most popular dance- Kita Untuk Selamanya-
Bondan Prakoso & Fade 2 Black
Artist / Group Dangdut Hot - Melinda
Popular of Dangdut Song - Cinta Satu Malam- Melinda

Popular Collaboration (All Genres) -
Shireen Sungkar & Teuku Wisnu

Most Popular Album (All Genres) -
1000 kisah  Satu Hati - Ungu 

And Special Categories::
1. Lifetime Achievement Award - Addie MS
2. Most Inspiring Artist of The Year Award - RAN
3. I-Ring Award - Aisitheru- Zivilia
4. Legend Award - Benyamin Sueb


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