Sunday, March 13, 2011

Kotak band without The Drummer"Posan"

Kotak Band loss the Drummer, Posan the drummer spread through balckberry Messenger farewell message which he essentially since Tuesday (08/03/2011) he no longer join a band that was formed from The Dreamband Hai 2004 is currently facing a severe shock.
According Posan, this is a decision where the time to develop a career. He also asserted, she is facing a major challenge that dared to come out of the comfort zone or a comfort zone because the box is on a Great Career.
The news was justified Erie, Kotak Band manager when confirmed. According to him, starting today March 8, 2011, Posan are not together anymore Box. The reason for the resignation of Posan it is for the sake of building his new band, Winner. Erie also confirmed Posan position will not be filled by new drummer. Only additional which will help until some time in the future, so write Erie. 


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