Saturday, May 21, 2011

New Zealand earthquakes as the begin of doomsday version of Harold Camping

Harold Camping
Christmas Island in New Zealand was reportedly not hit by any earthquake after local time 6 P.M., even as Harold Camping of the U.S.-based Christian group, Family Radio, had proclaimed that "Earthquakes would sweep across the earth, first starting in New Zealand."

Base on Harold Camping, that the apocalypse will happen on May 21, 2011 and Doomsday will be on starting with the earthquake with devastating force in New Zealand. He made that prediction based on the bible and millions of people worried, although artifacts also parties to ignore. According to Harold Camping’s calculation based from “hidden” numbers and text from the scriptures, the end of the world will start with a massive and destructive earthquake in New Zealand.

Camping made a previous “prediction” way back in 1994 about a judgment day coming but none of his predictions actually came true.

today is the day on which according to Harold Camping will be apocalypse. But whether the same is happening with what is predicted Camping?

Are there earthquake hit in New Zealand?
and in fact until this moment did not happen anything. Prediction that has been shocking the world that was not proven. And will Harold Camping will change the Day of Resurrection, because today is not what happened.

May the Day of Resurrection is not to be a joke, because Only God who knows the Judgment Day will turn.


John said...

Way to make christians look crazy to all the nonbelievers I was raised in church and know the word and the bible says and I quote: and on that day no man no not even the angels of heaven shall qknoweth the day nor the hour but the father and you can find that in matthew 34 mister harald camping

Max said...

Camping’s calculations were wrong and his assumptions naive, but Rapture and Judgment Day are still relevant! Humanity needs to know the truth. Listen to this very compelling recording from a new spiritual group that is making waves and getting the word out to be spiritually prepared with more than a simple prayer and some bible verses.

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