Monday, May 23, 2011

Tornado Hits Joplin, missouri, many victims who have not been found

A devastating tornado had just crossed the city of Joplin, Missouri City, Sunday night or Monday morning local time today. A hospital with a capacity of around 150 rooms to the ground due to exposure to the wind. Dozens of people reportedly died.

Joplin is a town of about 49 thousand inhabitants, located on the edge of the Ozark mountains. The damage that occurred in this city said to be the worst thing that ever happened in the Central West region. Governor of Missouri, Jay Nixon, has alerted the National Guard and declared state of disaster emergency. President Obama also has ordered the disaster response team to the town. killed at least 89 people as it tore apart homes and businesses, ripped into a high school and caused severe damage to one of the two hospitals in the city
As many as a quarter of the buildings in the southwest Missouri city suffered major or significant damage, fire and emergency management officials said.

The tornado struck about 6 p.m. Sunday and reportedly grew to as wide as three-quarters of a mile at one point along its estimated four-mile track, according to the State Emergency Management Agency.


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